UMGT as an international trading company in the field of supply of raw materials, equipment and petrochemical and polymer products in the service of a diverse range of industries.
The company strives to carry out the process of supplying raw materials needed by its customers in the best way and at the lowest possible cost and according to a specific schedule. In such a way that the production units are at ease in terms of supplying the raw materials they need.

Business Strategy

A primary facet of our success is the strategic partnerships we have cultivated especially with petrochemical companies and national oil companies with whom we have longstanding relationships. Our vast and influential network of producers, suppliers, and distributors regard us as steady and trustworthy enabling rapid results and guaranteed delivery to our customers.
We take an innovation-led approach for efficient and successful outcomes by implementing transformative solutions using current and emerging top-notch technolog

Our People

Our leadership team and skilled workforce are dedicated and enthusiastic to surpass expectations..

Inspired Leadership

Our executive leadership team consists of accomplished managers with an entrepreneurial spirit, decades of experience, and strong track records of successful growth.